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Yakira A. (Medical student) says: The durability is amazing! I think that this is probably the greatest strength of the product. I have been suturing for weeks with no tears in the pad. 

I liked this pad so much, that I ordered another one on Amazon. I saw that the Amazon product was rated a 4.5/5 stars, and I'm glad that I ordered this pad. I found the material of your suture pad to be so much better. 


Trevor R. (PA student) says: coming in clutch with me being in my surgery rotation right now!

-I like that you can see the distinct layers of the epidermis and the underlying tissue, helps me to know where I need to aim when doing subcuticular sutures

- I like the skin, allows me to go through the motions at home which is the key!


Dr. Jamal Rahimi MD says:  Great practice. especially if i'm going to do a facial wound repair or something fancy i come up with! i can quickly practice on my pad, which i bring to work w/me! I recommend it to all my residents and medical students. It's a must have! 


Laetitia N. (medical student) says: So the pad is amazing! Practicing on it feels like actual human skin.

It’s pretty steady... I used it throughout my surgery rotation and I am currently using it on my OB/GYN sub-internship.


Amina R. (pre-med student) says: I love the pad. It feels so real. I know I want to be in the medical field and this totally confirmed it!


Marie P. (RN, BSN, ER nurse) says: As a nurse I don’t suture much in my practice, but after buying the suture buddy it has become an off-the-clock guiltly pleasure! Whenever I see an attending do a stitch in the ER I go home and practice to see if I could do the same!


Helen K. (medical student) says: I used this pad to practice on during my surgery rotation and found it to be very helpful.

-Overall, I would definitely recommend this product to others. I enjoy using it as a tool to improve my suturing skills. Excellent to practice different suturing techniques and hand tying. Convenient size and great quality. 




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