The Suture Buddy Difference

  • Patent Pending Suture Kit: Designed by an Emergency Room Physician who has experience with thousands of laceration repairs and a PhD who designs 3-D anatomical models for many specialties in the medical field.
  • The SutureBuddyTM Suture pad is designed to mimic real skin. It has 3 layers that feel like human skin and tissue. It is not simply made of silicone like the cheaper pads you find everywhere else.
  • 9-preformed lacerations designed for almost all laceration types you will encounter!
  • 3-zones that will help you practice ALL suturing techniques
  • Can be used dozens and dozens of times without tearing or ripping.
  • Mesh Layer – almost invisible green layer that helps mimic the turgor/”pull” of real skin. The suture will not rip through the pad like it does with other pads.
  • Our raised lacerations make it easy for even the most novice beginner to easily start learning right away.
  • Videos and blog posts with medical professionals giving quick 2-3-minute lessons.
  • Practice on the go or between rotations!
  • Used by attendings, medical students, residents, NP students, PA students, dental students, nursing students, vet students and anyone else who wants to practice and become a pro!
  • Comes with all the tools you will need to start suturing right away – Suture Pad, Suture Tools, Sutures x 5, and link to several instructional videos.
  • Suturing Tools: 3 tools that are stainless steel.
    • needle driver
    • suture scissors
    • tissue forceps
  • Ideal for teaching and for practice
  • 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed!
  • Never abuse poor fruit or pig’s feet again!


-Used and endorsed by attending physicians across all scopes of practice.

Never Abuse Poor Fruit Again!

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