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Curved Hemostat - 5.0"
Curved Hemostat - 5.0"
Curved Hemostat - 5.0"
Product image 1Curved Hemostat - 5.0"
Product image 2Curved Hemostat - 5.0"
Product image 3Curved Hemostat - 5.0"

Curved Hemostat - 5.0"

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Length:  5.0"
Material: Stainless Steel. 
Serrated tips. 



Ring forceps, also called hemostats or locking forceps, are an instrument for grasping, holding firmly or exerting traction upon objects especially for delicate operations. They are hinged and look like ring scissors. Frequently, hemostatic forceps have a locking mechanism called a ratchet, which is used for clamping. The jaws of the locking forceps gradually come together as each increment of the ratchet is employed. 

Locking hemostatic forceps may be called clamps and are used to securely hold tissue. When they are used to control blood flow, they are called hemostats. Hemostats are typically used to compress blood vessels or other tubular structures to obstruct the flow of blood or fluids. 


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